Monday, January 17, 2011

BOSS Black Slim-Fit Three-Piece Suit



The Basics

  • Company: Hugo Boss
  • Price: $1,045
  • Official Site:

78 The AskMen Take

On a recent trip to Hugo Boss’ website, we were surprised to see that it spruced up the joint. We never expect much from fashion houses -- especially European ones -- in the way of online shopping. It seems to be eternally allergic to the idea that some people may prefer to be hermits, or perhaps more likely, have a hankering for finely tailored clothing yet live in Wyoming where there isn’t even a Gap (sad, but true).

The e-tailing section of the site opened for business earlier this year -- a vast improvement to a homepage that once teased with a glittery marketing campaign but didn’t offer squat. Now, it's worked out some of the kinks and managed to create a navigable website just in time for the holidays. How convenient -- especially for snagging a seasonably sensible three-piece suit.

82 Uniqueness

We remember trying on a Hugo Boss suit years ago and wondering why the hell it was so big. After all, wasn’t this the backbone brand for young up-and-comers? Then, we thought about how many guys in the under-35 Wall Street set actually wear a suit well. Very few.

Fortunately, Hugo Boss seems to have caught on to this gaping gap between perception and reality by introducing a slim-fit silhouette to its bread-and-butter black label line. The higher armholes, trimmer torso and slightly shorter jacket length combine to create a suit that, well, should probably just replace its regular fit.

74 Durability

You pay a premium for a three-piece suit, but it offers options. Each piece works on its own or in combination with the others. Ditch the vest one day, pair it with dark jeans the next, or wear only the flat-front trouser with your usual blue button-down -- a complement to the fabric’s barely-there, sky-colored stripe. And speaking of fabric, Hugo Boss uses a virgin Italian wool for a feel that actually warrants the pretty price.

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