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Extreme Men’s Fashion – Face Jewellery

Extreme Men’s Fashion – Face Jewellery
When Art and Fashion Collide
The boundaries between art and fashion can sometimes be a million miles apart, however in some cases, these very same boundaries can disappear entirely. Whilst the ‘Non-Fashpack’ are fumbling through immense bargain bins, overflowing with 100% polyester and stocking up on Asda (WalMart) ?2.99, stone wash denim bootlegs and marvelling over the practicality of an all-in-one shirt, jumper, tie combo. You know the kind.
At the same time as cash registers at cheap, mass-produced outlets are filling up on dirty coins, zealous fashionistas are expressing there personalities and avid inspirations the only way they know how: ‘artistic expression’ in fashion. I know that sounds a smidgen corny, however walking around your local superstore does make one consider whether getting dressed really is an art that some are, unfortunately, not gifted with…
I tend to live in my own little stratosphere in my head, where elves whiz around on glow in the dark clouds (actually chavs in supped up Vauxhall Nova’s) and damsels with lustrous tresses hang out of windows, yearning for prince charming to arrive on Pegasus (often known as a whore house). The idea of realism 24/7 is just too much for me. Us modern day populace live high-speed, often precarious lives, the lust for escapism is fundamental to survival. I don’t mean that in a literal sense, but being liberated in one aspect helps you deal with woe and general day to day crap in other aspects of life. Throughout the ages people have used fashion and image as a means of escapism; whether it be tribal, carnival wear or snappy dinner attire.

My latest musing falls into the category where the boundaries are so far from existence you could debate whether there could ever be one at all: Face Jewellery. No, I’m not talking a fancy nose ring or a gemmed labret. I’m talking full on, Salvador Dali-esque, seriously uncomfortable, face accessories.
In recent months the desire to have a bit more enjoyment with fashion has become more popular, and as a consequence this has opened up a market for some crazy accessory designers. Although designers have always sent intimidatingly OTT headwear and accessories down the runway, they’re starting to become more accessible. Personally, after working a 40 hour week, and squeezing in the time to write, blog, hit the gym and grab the odd pint with friends, I feel that I have the right to stick an oversized spider covered in studs to my face or replace my eyebrows with LEGO bricks. If that’s what it takes to get a moment of escape.
Coco and Breezy are a pair of young eye accessory designers based in New York and are slowly breaking into the industry. Their eccentric eye wear is starting to pop up on the faces of quirky well-knowns like the Gaga-nater, Rihanna and Amber Rose.
The design duo, also identical twin sisters, produce a vast range of generally ready-to-wear accessories, ridiculously cool eye patches and some super impressive shades.
Their latest collection 2020 is sure to score them a place in the hearts of many an accessory lover. Whether it’s a necklace made out of pure chaos or a pair of shades crafted out of a bullet dented, sheet of metal, their brain children are sure to get your pulses racing.
Sophie Duran based in Rotterdam, has created a collection of facial jewellery called ‘the Imperfectionist’: the collection is based on the increased cosmetic surgery market and the distinctiveness of beauty without plastic surgery. As more people go under the knife to look more ‘beautiful,’ the beauty in individuality is lost.
“Imperfection gives expression, expression gives power of attraction.
Plastic surgery and media influences are examples why people all over the world are beginning to look more the same. That is a waste! It is scientifically proved, the more average, the less attractive. Individual unique characteristics make people attractive. Therefore, I designed four jewels for the face; with these the user can define the intensity of his expression. With a pump, you can blow up your lips in any desirable dimension, you can attach chains to a grill in the corners of your mouth, a blue moustache can be curled in different heights and meters of lashes can be wound up”.
As a result, Duran has created four individual pieces of face jewellery. An intriguing pair of inflatable lips, with an added hand pump for the (im)perfect pout. A chain embellished grill for the ultimate metal mouth, also pretty handy if you struggling with your diet. Spectacle frames with meters of false eyelashes, and a handle to wind them up and down to any desired length. The most beautiful of mustaches, crafted from what looks like a steam punk Train/beetle that can be curled and twizzled to different heights and shapes. You can switch from a Salvador Dali upright to a handle bar in seconds.
However un-practical these pieces are, there’s no doubting their beauty. I mean just think, you get home from a long, hard days work the last thing you want is to be sticking on eyelashes or preening that ‘tache for a quickie down the local. Problems solved!
Joking aside, most of the pieces I’ve seen are really beautiful and if you aren’t daring enough to don a pair of self plumping lips or a mechanical, beating, crystal heart in your hair you can always stick it on your fireplace and pull it out for failing dinner parties, it’s sure way to get the conversations rolling.
Big love,
Jacob Kamara

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