Monday, January 17, 2011

Simon Spurr Double-Breasted Suit

Spurr's DB Suit

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The Basics

  • Company: Simon Spurr
  • Price: Jacket: $1,975; Pants $625
  • Official Site:

83 The AskMen Take

For Spring 2010, Simon Spurr resurrects the double-breasted suit from the grave and into the spotlight. His concept is made from a combination of wool and silk, and is perfectly tailored to fit any man’s body. The outlines of the jacket are sleek and trim and the fit in the legs are loose and wide. This is an interesting shape for a modern suit because many of today’s trends lean toward a slimmer look.

The best way to visualize Spurr’s vision this season is to picture James Bond sipping a cocktail on the Amalfi coast combined with the flamboyance of Miami Vice.

80 Uniqueness

Despite a hefty price tag, Spurr’s double-breasted suit stands out for its sharp cut. One of the biggest challenges to purchasing tailored-fit menswear is nailing the size, but Spurr’s eye for precision -- sharpened over many years as the design director for Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label and Men’s Black Label -- takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect-fitting, all-purpose suit.

85 Durability

Considering most of us are still penny -pinching, the demand for value and durability is stronger than ever. Spending your hard-earned cash on true quality is a smart investment right now. Spurr’s double-breasted suit will last you for ages because it’s made from an excellent wool and silk. More importantly, its true test for durability lies in its classic design, proving once and for all that it will never slip out of men's fashion.

Timeless garments should always measure high on your style barometer because premium clothing -- like prime real estate -- will always be in demand.

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